Friday, February 13, 2009

A week in the saddle...

Most of this week I spent covering miles in Zippy the Car, as I spoke at various gatherings.  They were not easy miles either, as the winds made my 100-lb. weakling vehicle a challenge to keep between the stripes.

I did however, finish some lectures and a book: American Lion by Jon Meacham
I had little recollection of Jackson's life and presidency, but found the book to be a revelation on how the power of the executive was expanded under his watch.  Like all biographies, it drug through some years, but the author presents a compelling portrait of a powerful president with highly developed oratorical and rhetorical skill, especially considering it all was done by hand and usually on the first draft.
Listening to it read, I was however, slightly put off by the affected southern accent used by the reader, John Mayer. His style also seemed overly dramatic compared to other narrators I have enjoyed.  It could also simply be a Yankee thing.
Much of this week was also spent celebrating.

It will be good to be home more next week. Posting should pick up.

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