Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kindle my fire, baby...

It's not like you didn't expect me to buy one.  I read a lot.  I like gadgets. 

How hard is it to connect those dots? 

So, I'm the proud owner of a Kindle.  And you should be one too.

  1. It's remarkably compact.  I can put it in my trusty travel blazer side pocket with just a bit peeking out.  Very thin.
  2. It is very readable with easily adjustable font sizes as your eyes get worse.
  3. Nobody on the plane or in the pew knows you're reading "Return to the Planet of Amazons" because there is no book cover to peek at.
  4. You can carry about hundreds books with you.  Some of them can even be worth reading.
  5. New books cost generally $10 and you don't have to wait for paperback or hate yourself for splurging on hardbound because you couldn't.
  6. Books download in less than a minute.*
  7. You can read one-handed.
  8. Illustrations are OK-ish.
  9. The list of available books is growing exponentially.  (Well, really fast).
  10. You can get a lot of old books for less than a buck or free.  KJV Bible: $1
  11. You can highlight or make notes to save stuff to cleverly insert into your conversations or even to make your life better.
  12. It remembers where you left off.
  13. I haven't recharged yet.  I leave the wireless off mostly.
  14. It's way too easy to buy more books than you have time left in your life to read.  I'm 60% there, and I've saved $$!
  15. You can pay for it by skipping lunch on the road until 2013.  That's my plan.
  16. Unless they come out with a color version.

*Unless your home is not in Sprint's coverage area - something it might be smart to check out before buying a Kindle. DAMHIKT.

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Brian in Central IL said...


While I have not bought one nor have I actually held one yet, but I wanna, I have a friend who is a professor and he is writing his first book and it will only be initially available in Kindle, no physical book. I wonder how book signings will go in this format?