Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Uncle Bob says...

While the whole climate change debate has been thoroughly politicized, an interesting survey of whom Americans trust for information on this topic reveals some surprising ways it has played out.


As one commenter noticed, even if you trust scientists most, about the only way you hear from them is the MSM, isn't it?  It's not like they are going door-to-door. 

I think the notion of the "mainstream media" has become associated less with sources like TV and newspapers and more with news personalities and the op-ed section.

Even then, what does it mean that family and friends are so highly weighted? Maybe the topic is so complex we just want somebody else to do the reasoning for us?

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Ol James said...

Reasoning, unlike thinking won't keep you up at night.
In years past the MSM had no agenda, they reported the facts not opinion. Now with technology you can believe half of what you hear. And with Photo-shop, about a third of what you see.
I do NOT consider you, AgWeb, Farm Bureau and some others MSM, your too smart for that. All many of those "experts" want is publicity. But now, they call that networking don't they??