Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Never and Always Rules...

A reader writes:
With your large readership and limited time, I thought it would be fun if you considered a spot on your blog that might take on a life of its own.
Robert Fulgum wrote a book called All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.  If you were to start an interactive spot on your blog entitled “every thing I learned I learned while farming” I think we would all conjure up some good mental photos.  The two rules I would impose would be a limit to one sentence and it has to start with  Always or Never.

Always leave your truck end gate down after unhooking the 5th wheel trailer.

Never use a cattle prod after your pour alcohol based Ivomec on your cows.

Never leave your wrench on the implements tool bar.

Always have a kill switch close to the sweep auger.

Sounds like a plan to me.  Add your Rules in the comments. I will start a separate post for all.

I would begin with some of my own:
  • Never use the word "sturdy" when describing a woman.
  • Never assume you'll remember a brilliant idea later when you will write it down.
Your turn.


Anonymous said...

Never try to get too close to a wind mill while rotary hoeing

Never use candles for light in hay tunnels

Always put a John Deere A in neutral when lifting the cultivator while your brother is adjusting the front shovels

Never put an eleven year old boy on a John Deere A to cultivate

Anonymous said...

Never throw water on a yellow jacket wasp nest.

Always have a fence nearby to climb when weaning calves and sorting the cows off

Always let the other guy test the electric fence

Anonymous said...

never think you are smarter than the pig you are loading-regards-kevin