Saturday, March 24, 2012

Google to the rescue...  

This is about the tenth time this has happened in the last few years. I need a unique, particular device, tool or part, and after checking local sources, professionals, and dealers, I draw a blank.

The problem was attaching our JD 1770 planter to a Case MX315 tractor. We needed all 5 hydraulic outlets (including the mysterious "Power Beyond" set). Only they weren't regular 1/2", #8 BOSS O-ring tips. Cobbling NPT adapters and ORB fittings only slowed the leak to a dribble.

In desperation I googled "hydraulic hose fittings" and arrived promptly here:

The name alone made me laugh - how typical is that for the Internet age! But not only did they have exactly what I needed, but it was about half the price I could find comparable fittings - even after rush delivery.

This is what I mean by the oncoming productivity that will be boosting our bottom line via the "Borg Effect".  (I have trademarked that, BTW). This is the effortless ability to connect to information and resources that Aaron will use as second nature, and I am continually and happily surprised by.

From bizarre fasteners to appliance parts to unimagined services, my farm is much closer to the hub of the universe than ever before. In fact, we are slowly erasing all the social and cultural penalties for rural living.

Now if we can just get a rural water district...


Anonymous said...

Did you Google "How to start a Rural water district?"

John Phipps said...


Oh, snap!

Actually we are trying to annex onto a district already next door. Everyone who rhapsodizes about the idyllic culture of the country should try to get signatures on a petition of some kind.

I mean, these people have dealt with scant and low quality water forever; the district doesn't use any local taxes, just federal grants and user fees; they don't have to join if they don't want to; and signing the petition (the first step) costs them nothing nor obligates them.

I'm not sure if they resent some of us getting help with a problem they don't have; if they just dislike me or the others involved; or if they just enjoy being obdurate, but this is going to be a push to get done.

There are many good people living decent, upright lives in the country, but my estimate is we have a proportionate share of jerks compared to towns.

Maybe even higher.


Sorry. Unloaded there a bit.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm trying to figure how a federal grant for a water district is better than farm subsidies. Personally I know few farmer friends who think farm subsidies are necessary. Usually the money is just passed on to the landlord anyway. I think the farm organizations, like union reps just think the need to be fighting for something.

Ed Arndt Rich. Co ND said...


On Obama. I didn't vote for Obama but was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I had hoped he would stop the shredding of the constitution started by George W. Bush with the Patriot Act. However,under Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder, the process has been accelerated. Under sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act the government can indefinitely detain terrorist suspects. The suspect has no right or opportunity to defend himself or make an attempt to refute the governments action. Are we to believe the government will never make a mistake? Think about that for a bit.

Now consider this. On Mar. 5th, in a speech at Northwestern University, Attorney General Eric Holder made the astounding statement (astounding to me at least)that the constitution guarantees due process of law, but it does not guarantee judicial process. For all of my adult life I had always believed that due process of law included a public trial before judge and jury. Not according to Holder. Under Holder's version due process becomes whatever the government says it is, not open to public or even congressional scrutiny. Holder's remarks were referring to the killing of Anwar al Awliki by drone strike, and various arguments can be made in defense of this action. However, the precedents set by Holder's speech are terrifying. How long until some other branch of government decides that it is not obligated to provide judicial process and instead provides whatever due process the government decides will suffice? Under this scenario, what we have commonly held to be constitutional guarantees become null and void.

These things have not been much reported in the mainstream media. Why? Is the media keeping it a secret? Or does the media think(I fear correctly) that the public is not interested?

You can google "Eric Holder's speech at Northwestern University" for background on this subject.

Fix said...

I love each opinions lol It made em thought of something. But I like Obama ;)

Jean Milord said...

Great point of views. "Usually the money is just passed on to the landlord anyway. I think the farm organizations, like union reps just think the need to be fighting for something" definitely AGREE.

Tony Geinzer said...

I honestly feel nervous John about Irresponsibility and Carelessness at its worst. And, doing too much is no better than not doing nothing. And, if we keep throwing RGIII's at Parochial Schools, people would have been incensed, and that's even with a good chuck of the Big Ten Line not stopping Tulane. I think is Silicon Valley trying to unemploy the landlord and we hear squat about Duke being a Running Team in Football vs. an Oregon.

Alain Bernard said...

I definitely agree. .

Penersone said...

I agree