Sunday, July 01, 2012

Junkbox, Episode DRIPNOT...  

Hope it's raining for you.


DAVE said...

Buried in the list of interesting tidbits is the one on Health care.
YES it is important to have health insurance IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. What really really bothers me about Obamacare is that this law started as a bill to control THE COST of health care. Health care and health insurance would be far more affordable if the cost were under control. Time to get back on track and get it done.

John said...

If tweaking the insurance industry resulted in something close to rebellion on the part of super-patriots, can you imagine what price controls would have brought?

Prices are set by health care providers (clinics, physicians, labs, hospitals, device makers, etc.) The only way to reduce costs is to curb overuse of the system. Policies are slowly being put into place to make that happen, and the "rationing" claim is already being used.