Monday, January 11, 2016

Transparenseed 16 - still trying...

I'm struggling to keep promises. 

  • TV takes more time than I thought.
  • Twice weekly AgriTalk Free-For-Alls (Tues/Fri) 
  • Land purchase details
  • Close out old year and plan 2016
  • More speeches than I anticipated
  • Tweeting/following timeline (@jwphipps)
  • Trying to get back to Incoming
  • Transparenseed 16
  • Woodworking!
I changed Transparenseed to a public DropBox file you can check whenever you want. 

Please encourage others to send in info.  I'll be emailing past players.

Thanks for you help.

Is this what retirement is supposed to look like?

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Tony Geinzer said...


Is there going to be a Transparentseed Convention at any point in this future?