Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What the heck is Beck's Seed doing?...

I am clearly out of the undergound ag rumor circuit, so I have only caught dibs and drabs of agribiz doings as I speak across the Midwest. And after a certain age, you distill most of those whispers down before acceptance.

But Chip Flory talked about a new Beck's incursion into Iowa recently on AgriTalk Free-For-All, and today I learned they bought a nearby former Syngenta seed processing facility in Paris, IL.  This is really good news for my area, but makes me wonder why Beck's seems to be charging ahead when other seed companies are seemingly cutting back.

I'm not offering answers - just soliciting input.

Did I miss a memo?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe there's a sweet spot to be in when it comes to seeds sales. The big boys are well above this point and Beck's is/was below that point? Pure speculation. Additional research will probably disprove this theory.