Saturday, November 24, 2007

Almost persuaded...

(Wasn't there a gospel song of that name?) Anyhoo, my adventures with my iMac to date.
  • Love the speed. Boots up about 1.5 hours faster than my 10 month old Dell Vista machine.
  • Super screen display (24 is a lot of inches)
  • Don't miss the cables everywhere one little bit.
  • It doesn't make any noise. Like none. Really. (OK, a tiny whir when reading a DVD)
  • The Apple mouse lacks pressure. (No engineer would use "suck" as a verb, as in, "The pilot was sucked out of the plane". The pilot was blown out of the plane.) Thanks to a useful comment, I'm switching to 2-button Bluetooth mouse which is already supported by Leopard.
  • Firefox has been problematic. I think I just need some tweaking. Safari hasn't wowed me.
  • I'm still struggling with using the "command" key for simple stuff. And how do you uninstall a program?
  • While the initial trials of iWork were fine, I plunked down for Office 2004 Mac with free upgrade (via Amazon - not the preloaded pestering) to Office 2008 in January. I'll get deeper into it in the next few weeks.
  • I will be loading in XP to try out Bootcamp for some old Windows apps I want to keep using.
  • The problems have been few and minor - like Firefox keeps showing up as a disk like the hard drive. What the heck is that about?
  • I am migrating my old files via a USB hard drive. iTunes found all the songs fine, but I haven't fooled around with them yet.
  • Soon to be added: Airport stations to hookup the printer, other computers, and the stereo.
More later.

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