Monday, April 10, 2006

Global warming feedback...

Just thought you might like to know that the world has a process of removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The CO2 dissolves in water and forms carbonic acid (a weak acid), this acid falls on rocks, breaks the rock down, and combines with the calcium. The calcium and carbonic acid combine to form calcium carbonate, also know as limestone. Its been a few years since I had geology at the University of Illinois, but I do remember this quite clearly. My professor (Dr. Anderson, he was from Australia) considered global warming to be complete bunk. Just thought you might like to know this.

Matt Gusse

Here is a counter point to the global warming argument that i think you should put up for your viewers.

I have much less belief that human factors are affecting the warming trend that we are in. The global system is much more monolithic and resistant to our tiny inputs versuses the path it was already on. We are coming out of an Ice Age obviously we are warming up nad CO2 is much lower now than is geologically the norm. I think we give ourselves too much credit. Just my take.


Thanks for the input, guys. The reason human-caused global warming is controversial is reasonable arguments can be made on both sides. What I have noticed is that both sides also revert to "conspiracy theories" and dark motives.

There are also intense political overtones to this otherwise scientific debate. Conservatives will likely never agree because they perceive changing your mind as a weakness (flip-flopping). The problem is when new information becomes available after the decision, conservatives usually cannot employ it to alter strategy.

My position was based not on a profound understanding of climate science, but the now widely-held opinion of the scientific community. While this many true experts could be wrong, I really doubt they are being deceived or coerced into their position.

While you might call this an act of trust, I prefer to think of it as choosing an answer based on the better odds of success. At the very least, I think taking actions to lower greenhouse gas emissions won't do great harm climate-wise or economically. And if I am wrong, I will stand in very good company and have a reason to celebrate.

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