Sunday, October 02, 2011

Weekend Update...  

We've only done about 80 acres, but the early (105 day) corn was better than expected (185-200). The later planted, fuller season drops off, judging by some end rows and half-ears.

Guys around me are getting very good beans, however, 60-65. Our early beans were less, but still better than we imagined. For the first time in four years we at least had some plants on the heavy black parts instead of holes, so those areas handled the dryness better.

Lighter soils and c-o-c are 30-50 bpa less reportedly.

Meanwhile, the cold temps last night have me scrambling to get the heaters in the greenhouse and GSS going.


Anonymous said...

The later hybrids may surprise you, in IA they're far and away the better numbers this year. In the Mississippi river country they're beating the earlier ones by an average of about 50-60 bpa.

Anonymous said...

How is the harvest going John?