Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Junkbox, Episode 2L8...  

The rains we needed badly a few weeks ago continue to drizzle our harvest to a halt - especially soybeans. Talk about tough cutting! Between the greens stems and pods and sticky topsoil, nothing seems to work well. Yields have been in the 40's - too bad we didn't know that when they were paying $18+.  I think we'll get another chance.

We are soooo celebrating the Last Row this year.

Meanwhile, under the category of "I had to ask", my daughter-in-law responded to my query for ideas for something I could make in my shop for them with this:

What I am learning is to keep the rustic, authentic character of reclaimed timbers, barn wood, etc. you have to work with slightly skewed, never square, almost flat lumber. I'm using Neanderthal chisels and handsaws to cut joints to fit. Worse still, I'm really loving it!

But it does take time compared to the collective 185 HP of power tools that are watching enviously.
 Remember, it only takes one old nail to ruin a $45 bandsaw blade. Actually, the other part of the nail can ruin a second one, too.

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Bueller?...Bueller?...we miss you