Sunday, December 16, 2012

Junkbox, Episode XXI (Mayan)...  

I just received the coolest present from a friend in our dinner club. It's for 14+, so right up my alley.


Dave said...

I have a couple of issues with Sunday's post:
1) Gun Control--Brits have nothing to say when people wanted to leave Britain BECAUSE of gun control and other stuff.
2) Global Warming--I'm not opposed to the idea of global warming but there has been no proof just tree-hugger babble. For me there has to be enough to show the latest warming is not a short term bounce.

Jake in OH said...

I alwasy assumed the argument was not with the existance of Global Warming, but the cause. It is hard to argue that we have not seen a global increase in temperatures during recent times. Thermometers do not lie.

The root cause is debatable. My personal theory is that population growth is a big cause. When I park my truck next to the house at night, it is always a few degrees warmer than if I park it by the barn. Multiply that by 200 million. That is not even taking into account increasing the number of vehicles.

Hopefully that will be reversed once we reach peak population as indicated by one of your previous entries.