Monday, April 15, 2013

Every time...  

We have satellite radio (SirusXM) in both our cars. Of course, you get the free trial subscription and then the rate goes to $15/mo.  Having had this for several years, I know the drill.  You wait for the special offer which is usually half-price for a year. Then, unless you call up and cancel just before it runs out, they automatically charge you full rate for a full year.

Sirius does send a 45-day warning, but of course, you have to remember. When you do call up to cancel, you will be plied with (wait for it) the half-price offer.  I understand all the behavioral economics going on here and do not object, but I asked the guy if there is anyway to save all of us some time without this annual dance.

Nope. So it appears not only is there no free lunch - there is no free half-price lunch either.

[Please feel free to write in with any other tactics you have found productive for XM.]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Sirius tip; I'll try to remember! I use a similar strategy for the WSJ. A co-worker (who does not read it) and I alternate 1 year subscriptions which also have been half price and include web access. Cancellation just before the end of the year is also necessary.

Anonymous said...

We had same thing with On Star offer after 6 month "free" trial you could buy X amount of minutes for large discount,after trying it and ACTUALLY USING IT FOR A BIT WE CANCELLED.Was very dis satisfied with GM and On Star. But like you John ,be it cell phones or any subscription plans the guys that pay up and don't ask questions or cancel and wait gets a screwing-regards-kevin