Monday, May 06, 2013

SNAP in your backyard...  

A very cool interactive graphic for discovering how SNAP affects those around you.

Check it out here. I doubt the reason it has grown so much in Edgar County is because they are Obama supporters. In fact, check out some of the reddest counties in WV or IN for comparison.

SNAP use is up because people are unemployed or don't make much money.


Gary said...

In recent weeks either the New York Times or Washington post had an article on a recuiter in Florida whose job was to signup new clients for SNAP. Her quota was for over 100 per month. That might explain some of the increase.

John Phipps said...


I am reading between the lines here, but does it matter about being "recruited", if the recipients qualify? Don't farmers advise other growers to buy crop insurance?

Personally, I suggested to a family member with work experience, great resume, and advanced degrees to check into food stamps after being unable to find work for over two years.

I realize its easier to separate people into makers and takers, but I'm glad food is something we try to help people (mostly children) get.