Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Junkbox, Episode MMXIII‡...  

Great crops, but no GDUS's.
New tile main installed through a cornfield. My contractor noted it began running immediately. Jeez - 18" gets spendy in a hurry!

 Corn looks like the best in years, but it felt like September and looked like July corn.

Update: Links repaired - Thanks, Steve.


Anonymous said...

Poor links in this one--at least from my I-pad
We are tiling this week also-mains ready for after harvest laterals.

Dave said...

Looks like you lost 6 rows of corn. The pocket'll notice that. Also didn't think you were in a wet area.

John Phipps said...


Our corn is sooo good we'll never miss it. Besides the contractor gives me a break to get it done in August, and this could be the only time it will be dry enough to do an 18" main. Like Steve, the laterals will be plowed in after harvest.

This is last and perhaps worst spot on the farm I need to get done. It's all up to Aaron now.