Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Junkbox, Episode MMXIV ⅋...

A day to find a good book.

Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

Thought provoking as always! Cow pee works as well as human pee. Miss more regular postings. See you in Chicago?
Steve H

John Phipps said...


I'll be at TP. Only time is Wednesday evening - let me know.

It's been a time of transition for the blog, but I think you'll like where I'm going with this.

Can't say too much right now but some changes elsewhere will free up mucho time for blogging later this year.

Also we have been weathering some situations with people in our lives that are part of being 65-ish, I guess, but they take a higher priority than blogging.

Bottom line, not giving up, just realigning the drive shafts.

Thanks for the support.