Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Walmart of space...  

'Splain to me again how we are going to compete technologically with India.
While India’s recent launch of a spacecraft to Mars was a remarkable feat in its own right, it is the $75 million mission’s thrifty approach to time, money and materials that is getting attention.
Just days after the launch of India’s Mangalyaan satellite, NASA sent off its own Mars mission, five years in the making, named Maven. Its cost: $671 million. The budget of India’s Mars mission, by contrast, was just three-quarters of the $100 million that Hollywood spent on last year’s space-based hit, “Gravity.” [More]
As the world splits into a tiny number of extremely rich and a gargantuan population of poor, the middle class will be built by societies like this, I think.

We may have fallen into a logical trap of assuming they will have to upgrade their vast agricultural system before becoming a true competitor. Maybe the Indian leadership believes it is better to keep most down on the farm progressing slowly through an agrarian phase until labor demand pulls them to the cities.

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