Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Tough turning back...

 Just as guys are trying to plant more non-GMO seed due to resistance, cost, or whatever, producing seed pure enough for non-GMO standards is getting nearly impossible.  I've talked about the problem of growing non-GMO specialty corn.

I think the standard for seed is 0.1%; my standard for non-GMO is 1% and it can be really problematic, even with big (200+ A) fields.

This is pure hearsay - and I can't even remember who said it, but the rumor is is takes huge fields of beans to bury non-GMO seed corn production in to meet the purity test.

If you have any better info please comment or give me a tweet. [@jwphipps]

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Anonymous said...

Over the last several years we have produced many acres of non gmo seed corn for export to Europe right here in south-east Illinois. I have no idea what the accepted level of gmo they require is, however. This is for a big three company.