Sunday, May 28, 2006

I knew there had to be a scientific term...

According to Official Smart Persons at Purdue University, I have "crappy" corn stands.

If you've been walking your fields lately, it is no surprise that much of what planted during the 5 days or so before the onset of nearly 10 days of cyclonic rain quite honestly looks like crap (my favorite technical term that describes a generally poor appearance of a corn crop). Corn planted nearly two weeks ago around the state is just now beginning to emerge and doing so very erratically.
As I fearmongered two weeks ago (Nielsen, 12 May 2006), the causes of the problems are multiple and include dense soil surface crusts restricting coleoptile emergence, seed rots, seedling blight, chilling injury, stress from saturated soils, and some soil-borne insect damage.

[More here] [my emphasis]

Somehow I feel better knowing there is a scientific name for the reason, especially since I am re-planting more corn that in the previous 25 years combined.

Is there anything more frustratingly time-consuming than driving up and down corn rows spotting in replant? Other than taking your chemical applicators exam, of course.

Meanwhile bean acres are not being planted...

My goodness, what a whiny little sniveler I am. Luckily, we are singing a wonderfully moving anthem today for Memorial Sunday: The Mansions of the Lord.

It's actually a good thing to be forced to stop the planter to sing about gratitude for the sacrifice of others - it puts my teeny complaints in perspective.

Have a great Memorial Day!


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