Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Man the Hunter Hunted - Gatherer...

An interesting speculation about our early history as a species. I have always had a hard time picturing tiny little proto-humans being very successful as hunters even with large brains.

What I am suggesting, then, is a less powerful, more ignominious beginning for our species. Consider this alternate image: smallish beings (adult females maybe weighing 60 pounds, with males a bit heavier), not overly analytical because their brain-to-body ratio was rather small, possessing the ability to stand and move upright, who basically spent millions of years as meat walking around on two legs. Rather than Man the Hunter, we may need to visualize ourselves as more like Giant Hyena Chow, or Protein on the Go.

If this idea is right about fire being needed for a human meat diet, how did the Inuits and their all-protein diet get going? They eat nothing but raw whale meat and blubber.

Of course, you'd blubber too...[Ba-dump-bump]

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