Friday, October 19, 2007

The cash rent lease conversion accelerator...

Along with others, I have been trying to handicap the new twist the farm bill process (for lack of a better word) has taken. Shrugging what little pride I have aside, I can admit to not really grasping what the good Senators think they are trying to do for me with the revenue assurance option.

So. Let's assume my degree in engineering and years of familiarity with the "times table" (do they still teach that?) have some worth, and my hours of frivolous surfing are not totally misspent. Now consider I really have no analytical or intuitive idea whether I should like this idea or not.

Given these observvations, imagine what a landowner is going to make of this whole legislative puzzle. As we talked about earlier, many observers point out landowners are getting older. Which is a good thing, if you think about it.

But it won't make them really excited about figuring out not merely a new farm program - but A CHOICE to be made. Making choices is not what geezers like to do or do best.

Therefore, some outcomes could be:
  1. Investing serious hours at the FSA and extension meetings learning the new program and getting the paperwork done.
  2. Employment of more farm managers to act on behalf of landowners and select the optimum route.
  3. Electing to reside total faith in the tenant via FSA power-of-attorney.
  4. Just take a large rent check on 1 March and lose the whole headache.
Gee, I wonder what could happen...

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