Saturday, October 27, 2007

The movable blog...

Rained us out yesterday, so I've had time to noodle with my blog - including my very first hack: the Recent Comments section. [Just in time for spammers to load up the comments - dang!] Oh sure, I borrowed the code and instructions from a very helpful Blogger website - but I cutted-and-pasted all by myself.

So here I am blogging away to myself, because I'm not not sure how John's World and the new AgWeb will mesh yet. Still, there is no small thrill of accomplishment to build your own blog and then tweak it compulsively.

The graphics did not transfer from old posts, and the format was jumbled, I know. This stuff happens. We'll keep cranking away.

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John Phipps said...

Sorry about the spam below - I'm working on it.