Thursday, November 12, 2009

Harvest update...

Thank goodness for a stretch of great weather and some corn reluctantly drying down to about 20% so we can bin it (nervously with air).  At the same time yields - and especially test weights - are in the toilet.  Very disappointing after some credible, but hardly outstanding early numbers.

You know the feeling: you don't want to open up the next field/number.

Thanks for your patience, and I hope your efforts are going better.  However, I flew from Las Vegas to ORD yesterday and saw NOT ONE combine going after we entered IL.

Memo to self: rethink scheduling speeches in November.

Thank God for a spouse and son who are going above and beyond in my absence.

BTW, if you would like to meet both Jan and Aaron (and offer condolences) he and I will be speaking at the TP Young Farmer Meeting in January.

Assuming we're done...

Update update:  I spoke today in LaGrange, IN and visited with some grain dealers/feed millers/farmers.  Yields seem to be pretty good, but within this week the mold problem has exploded with no place to go with badly damaged grain.  Mostly gibberella up here - but because of the mycotoxins more problematic than diplodia in my area.  Moisture is still 25-30%.

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Anonymous said...

Really? No machines? Combines rolling in McLean County, southern part of county got little precip while us northerners in teh county got a little more rain but elevators hopping.