Monday, June 28, 2010

It defies comment...

The new German Pig Museum.

[More confusing photos]
Stuttgart-based architecture and design firm extrastern has completed the new schweine museum
in a former slaughterhouse in stuttgart, germany. with over 30, 000 artifacts revolving
around the theme of the pig, the schweine museum is the largest gallery dedicated to the
animal in the world.

the 600 m2 museum is divided into 25 rooms of different themes including a 'piggy bank' room,

stacked floor to ceiling with piggy banks, and a 'golden pig' room which features a large statue
of a 'german large white' pig on a rotating stage.

many of the rooms are geared toward children: the artifacts are hidden or viewable only

through tiny windows, some requiring the opening of hatch doors to see. [More]
But did they use the "oink"?

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