Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our money, our animals...

Consider this chart about where Americans are spending more in their household budgets.  Note if any item seems a little a startling.

[Source] [Also note where we are spending less]

For me, the increase in pets is fascinating.  Are we taking more comfort in scary times from our companion animals? Is this simply an ongoing trend?

Regardless of the cause, it is sobering tangential evidence of the challenge facing animal agriculture. Coupled with the insuperable power of video to evoke emotions, our apparent inclination to elevate other species to human priorities means our failure to establish a distinction between food and companion animals will become increasingly problematic.

Don't let little kids play with piglets, chicks and calves, is my advice.

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Anonymous said...

The up several are a little surprising to me.
Telephone equipment--only if that includes cell phones is that expected.
Child care uh OK means day care is costing more but also could indicate more mothers are working.
Education increases tell me that these for-profits on-line schools are charging more.
Yes this is a definitly interesting list for what it indicates.
Dave in Virginia