Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More than you want to know...

Here's what I've been up to, and why posts were not forthcoming.

I have had trouble recently with an irregular heartbeat, and when I casually mentioned it to my diminutive GP she promptly propelled me to a cardiologist for testing. Hilarity ensued and to my surprise an aortic aneurysm was discovered.

I handled this with all my usual savoire-faire.  Once I stopped bawling, they scheduled me for a stress test and I won a chance to wear a heart monitor for a whole month!

It gets better.

I have never been in a hospital - and if nights count , I still haven't because when doing the stress test (treadmill) I went into atrial fibrillation.  Perversely this was good news, as I didn't have to wear the monitor. The cardiologist started me on an anti-arrhythmic, which I think means will make me dance better. But they couldn't release me until the ticker calmed down. (I passed the stress test)

Normal rhythm returned after about an hour.  I escaped that evening after some stern words about my lifestyle and some pretty expensive prescriptions. 

Yesterday I saw a cardiovascular surgeon about the aorta thingy, and I get to watch and wait on that. It's not so bad as to warrant a pretty serious carving job, so instead I'll get $3500 CT scans annually.

I'm calling it a win.

I have never had to face serious health problems, so my first time was not smooth.  To all of you who have not been so lucky, my admiration for your coolness and grace.

Meanwhile, bean harvest paused for us to get pretty good handle on how "disappointing" this corn crop is. In a word: very.  However, the news I would not have my ribcage pried open soon somehow offset this third consecutive dismal corn yield.

That and May11 corn over $5...

Posting will pick up slowly - thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

John, Congratulations on not needing to be cut open. I am your senior by 10 years and had a minor heart problem 2 1/2 years ago. The Dr.s wanted to do surgery, but I opted for medication first. So far, medication is working fine.

Anonymous said...

Good luck John. Heart, aorta, harvest and yield. Enjoy reading your comments. You make sense which is a rarity in agricultural journalism nowadays.

Anonymous said...

good luck with health issues John,,I hope you and Jan are still going to Eygpt this winter,,when we have a chance we will send you pics of what we thought was "have too see" places ...best trip of my life...we are going to do some corn next week so hoping for the best--regards-kevin

Anonymous said...

John, Two weeks ago a good family friend's wife had a stroke at 41. Very healthy people. We love your commentary and understand you need to take care of yourself for the grandkids. Our thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Stay well!