Friday, September 24, 2010

Pile-driver operators??...

Some statistics you can make of what you willThe divorce rates for various occupations. [Note: this is an Excel file, worth scanning all the way through - about 500 job categories]
OK, here the ten jobs with the highest relative divorce rates: massage therapists, bartenders, dancers and choreographers, health diagnosing and treating practitioners (all other), physicians and surgeons, gaming services workers, mathematicians, fish and game wardens, pile-driver operators, and first-line supervisor of gaming workers.
Here are the ten jobs with the lowest relative divorce rates: religious workers (all other), audiologists, first-line enlisted military supervisors/managers, shuttle car operators, optometrists, clergy, transit and railroad police, religious activities and education directors, agricultural engineers, and media and communication equipment workers (all other). [More about the study]
In general, ag-related folks rank very low, also most engineers.

Jan points out the divorce rate is not so surprising for engineer/farmers as the fact we are able to get married at all.

[via sullivan]


buffalobill said...

Hmmm, Jan's comment is pretty much right on. I guess I had a lot more energy when I was young because I had time to farm, go to college, and still court and get married. But I still wonder just how I managed that.

Bill Harshaw said...

As a friend might say, "that's cold".

Bob said...

Thank goodness that I am an ag engineer that returned to the farm!