Thursday, December 23, 2010

And the sand gets in the keyboard...

Jan forced me to go with her to the Keys and visit her sister for Christmas. I'm working, umm, diligently to post serious, meaningful stuff, but keep falling asleep due to the sunshine and copious overindulgence.

But fear not. It's only until the 27th, and I'm sure I'll have some stuff up before then.

Meanwhile best wishes from Jan and I me for a legendary Christmas. (Remember last year!)



Brian in Central IL said...

I hope you are enjoying yourself. The Keys are a great spot, especially Key Largo. If you are there for dinner go to Sundowners, best restaurant in the whole chain. Also, please oh please make time to visit the Sea Turtle Hospital on Marathon. Best part of the Wife and my vacation when we went. (If you go please post such as I am curious as to your reaction)

Anonymous said...

Jeeze, John, don't apologize. I still look forward to your posting each day. By the way, I've introduced your site to a wonderful friend from Johannesburg, South Africa. She's in the software business, but has dreams/ fantasies of being closer to the land. We met her & husband in Grenada. She's back home in Johannesburg and we've sailed on west to Bonaire, the "B" island in the Dutch ABC's.
Ron Ellermeier, S/V Wight Skye