Saturday, May 21, 2011

It doesn't get any easier...

If you use AgWeb, you may know by now of the tragic death of Lindsay Hill, who was just beginning what could only be called a promising career at Farm Journal Media.  She was taking over as Agribusiness Director for US Farm Report, and in the short time she had, made a powerful impression on me and all my colleagues.

The older I get the more untimely deaths dismay, I guess. Lindsay seemed (in the short time I spent with her) exactly who we needed at USFR and the perfect foil in many ways to my blindspots and prejudices. It may be odd to say, but I will miss her future as well as her person.

Others who knew her better can express the deeper loss of a friend and family member, but my grief drifts toward who I could see her becoming. And that is sorrow enough.

But I had the chance to meet and work with her briefly. I will be grateful for that.

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