Thursday, September 05, 2013

Just not funny...

Believe it or not, I never could understand the joke about "cow tipping". Mostly, I knew it to be absolutely impossible and failed the test of humor for sheer illogic.

But obviously this fable is alive and well.
Let's get this out of the way: Cow tipping, at least as popularly imagined, does not exist. Drunk young men do not, on any regular basis, sneak into cow pastures and put a hard shoulder into a cow taking a standing snooze, thus tipping the poor animal over.While in the history of the world there have surely been a few unlucky cows shoved to their side by boozed-up morons, we feel confident in saying this happens at a rate roughly equivalent to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.The evidence against cow tipping is immense, and backed up by both farmers and the laws of physics (more on that later), but the simplest bit of proof we can point to: YouTube.

It even includes some serious math to back this up.

I'm sure this will put an end to all those tremendously un-funny jokes.

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Anonymous said...

easy on the cub fans; there is a drought.