Saturday, October 19, 2013

Junkbox, Episode MMXIII ⟐...

Close to overload this harvest.  Will explain in a post later, I hope.

Thanks for reading.

(Kevin - I'll answer your debt question after corn harvest)

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the oil boom in North Dakota, there are always those that will take the glass half empty view.
We started an oilfield service company in North Dakota. There are no people to hire locally so most of our employees are from Michigan and Idaho. They are all making good money and happy for the work.
Money can't buy happiness but it is better to be unhappy in a chevy then on a bicycle!
I won't claim that there is no downside to the boom. A lot of it would be helped by the state spending some of the tax revenue it collects from western ND back in western ND. ie. better roads and affordable housing for those under a certain income level.
After working in Colorado and Wyoming in the US, I have found ND to be the most welcoming state to the oilfield. Most of the mineral rights here were still privately held. A lot of people that lived poor all their lives now have money to spend. It isn't wheat that is paying for all the massive machine sheds and contents around here!