Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Best laid plans, etc...

I'm gonna start posting again, but we're dealing with some health issues here at the Phipps farm. It comes with being our age, but we got a scare when Jan had a serious heart event Friday.  She's good now with complete recovery on the horizon, but my New Year resolution to restart blogging was the first casualty.

Anyhoo, even though blogging is over, I miss it and will get back to the game.

BTW, I will tweet my posts, FWIW. Follow me @jwphipps - you won't have to check here as often.


Unknown said...

I am Glad Mz Jan is doing better. All the Best to her.
Mi-T-Glad you are blogging again. Just a bit over 100 words sometimes does not justify an explanation of things.
Now give Mz Jan some seed catalogs so she can plan for Spring.

Barrett Young said...

I hope she gets feeling better. I hate to think what the farm would turn into if she is still not up to snuff.