Friday, June 26, 2015

TransparenSeed 6/26 Report...

The first of what will hopefully be several ever-bigger reports on 2015 seed corn prices was emailed to participants today. Some things I learned:

  • While I anticipated it would be tedious, the bizarre naming conventions are an invitation to typos and confusion. Lists are subject to revision/correction.
  • It is hard to get useful comparisons because of all the different trait packages. It reminds me of how manufacturers make slightly different models, with and without various features, to confound shopping 'bots and make price chopping harder. Just the way it is.
  • There are some clues as to patterns, but participants can analyze and reach their own conclusions.
Please consider joining us. While the initial idea was to verify scrupulously authentic prices, I have decided this can be too difficult and unnecessary, until some hint of deception is encountered. Plus those scanned documents can be a bear for me to read.

So just send in your seed corn prices for 2015 including:
  1. Zip code or region [SWMN, e.g.]
  2. Brand
  3. Hybrid #
  4. Traits
  5. Bottom line price/unit after all discounts
  6. Pay date (optional)
  7. Seed treatment (optional, if not included #4)
  8. Any notes that seem pertinent
Your email will be protected.

You will receive updated reports by email as new data comes in. 

FWIW, the info is changing my buying plans.

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