Sunday, August 13, 2006

One small step for mankind, one chance to sleep in for womankind...

The farmer's answer to a manly breakfast. The Egg-and-Muffin-Toaster could save your marriage and save you paying outrageous prices for coffee at McDonald's.

[Be sure to try the "Build one yourself" on the website - it's a hoot.]

Huge award for the first real user report.

[via Red Ferret]


milk007 said...

Shoot, John...I've been doing this for a couple years and a lot cheaper than $40. Put your muffin in a $10 toaster while you crack your egg in a small glass dish...microwave the egg for 1 minute and put it on your freshly toasted muffin, add some CB and a piece of cheese and Ronald McDonald has got nothing on you!

John Phipps said...

pjk: Good try, but the beauty of this device is the all-in-one nature of the engineering. It's like all those one-pass, till-spray-plant machines we tried to invent in the 1970's.

Patrick said...

Hi John,
Ok, I am impressed how you find this stuff. I watched the video on their web site and thought it was pretty cool. I headed over to and found that 124 people have left reviews on the product! Wow! 5 out of 5 stars! Everyone loves it.

Patrick in Sammamish Washington

John Phipps said...

patrick: It's really no big deal. Since I don't play golf, that frees up several hundred hours every month.

Also I lead simple, almost monastic life out here in the sticks.