Saturday, October 21, 2006

The last place on earth...

I can't believe it. An ethanol plant is going to be built literally within eyesight of my farm.
TERRE HAUTEConstruction could start as early as next year in northern Vermillion County on a new fuel ethanol plant that could produce 100 million gallons a year.

Colorado-based Renewable Agricultural Energy Inc. and the Vermillion County Economic Development Council announced Thursday their plans for the plant near Cayuga. [More]
This is a big deal for farmers in the Chrisman area, where nothing ever happens and seldom does. Although just barely across the state line in Cayuga, IN, the plant will be close to a coal power plant whose stacks are visible from my windows. And of course the Newport nerve gas facility - a popular tourist attaction.

Throw my old marketing plan out the window - it's going to be a wrench to design a marketing plan based on something other than sputtering demand. Like many grain farmers my biggest fight will be with skepticism and old habits of doubt.

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