Friday, October 06, 2006

Tired of golf resorts?...

People with big money and even bigger ideas are looking for the next weird thing to attract tourists. Behold the underwater hotel. Maybe...
Neither one is my bet. Most of these Jules Verne fantasies get no further than a URL. But these two dudes—Bruce Jones, the personal submarine designer, and German architect Joachim Hauser—have the look of serious contenders. Jones just announced that a private Fijiian island will be the home of his new undersea resort, called Poseidon (suite rendered at left). It was originally to be built somewhere in the Bahamas. Hauser, meanwhile, has a much bigger-scale project under construction in Dubai, called Hydropolis, where you can build anything as along as you pay for it and you have the blessing (and money) of the crown prince, which apparently Hauser does.
After serving on a submarine, this whole idea seems pretty lame. I mean, where are the torpedoes?

[via b2day]

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