Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Business as usual...

The trouble with farming today is it is so routine and predictable. Stuff like this would never happen:
  • The White house issues a veto threat that scorches the very paper it was lasered upon. Some sample rants:
    • The Administration supports continuation of a strong farm economy and of conservation programs that protect America’s natural resources. Regrettably, the Committee bill does not provide for the effective and efficient achievement of these goals in a manner consistent with wise stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Unfortunately, the bill shifts the balance of support in a more potentially trade-distorting direction, continues a defective safety net, lacks real farm program reform, and uses $37 billion in increased tax revenue and gimmicks, including timing shifts and artificially ending programs, to finance significant increases in spending.
    • The Administration also strongly objects to the bill’s attempt to hide almost $7 billion in long term costs for most of its proposed Food Stamp policies by sunsetting the provisions after five years. It would be senseless for States to implement these program changes only to phase them out later. The Committees actions are clearly intended to merely mask the long term budgetary consequences of its actions.
    • The Administration also strongly opposes the prohibition on packer ownership and the provision regulating production contracts because they would unduly interfere with the freedom to contract, require the divestiture of assets by entities that have operated lawfully, limit opportunities for farmers and ranchers to participate in marketing alliances, and increase prices for American consumer.
  • Oil heads toward triple digits.
  • Grains go along for the ride.
  • Ron Paul, a libertarian candidate who stands for outlandish things like limited government, and individual rights, and oh, less torture raises $4.3 million bucks in 24 hours.
  • ADM prospers, despite ethanol.
Ya know it's just the same ol, same ol'.

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