Saturday, November 24, 2007

Gifts That Will Shock and Awe (Entry #4)...

The Middle Ages. Yup - the whole thing from the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance.

I have been listening to these lectures - among others - during my commute to South Bend to do US Farm Report. This course has been uniformly outstanding. While I plunked down $50 for each of the three sections, they are now offering the whole Middle Ages set (Early, High, and Late) for $90.

The deal is this lecturer, Prof. Philip Daileader (College of William & Mary & Ted & Alice) is perhaps the best speaker I have ever experienced. My passing interest in this black hole of history turned into a genuine pleasure of learning. The dude can teach.

So if you know someone who spends time commuting and or otherwise has 30-minutes of listening time regularly, they could enjoy this course immensely - provided they like learning at all.

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