Monday, November 05, 2007

Two-tank no-no...

This just in. Really.

I was at my fertilizer dealer getting some premix fall burndown to spray when he told me the Indiana State Chemist (a real title) stopped by and said that pulling two NH3 tanks in-line in the field was too dangerous. His concern was the long hose to the second (back) tank.

This will be cruel news to those Hoosier 45-foot bar users who will be hooking up about every 8.5 minutes, I calculate.

Wait - it gets even better. I live 3 miles away across the IL-IN line. Two tanks are fine here as long as you have double breakaway fittings.

Anybody else getting this?

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rhoads said...

The anhydrous situation is getting so bad here in Indiana that they're starting to catch farmers stealing anhydrous from the guys cooking meth.

John Phipps said...



He's here all week, folks. Tip your waitress.

Anonymous said...

Here in MN we put two 1,000 gallon tanks side by side on the same trailer. It gives the pickup a workout on the road but it sure is nice with a 52.5 foot bar in the field.

Anonymous said...

"Stealing from the guys cooking meth". Now that is a good one!