Friday, August 15, 2008

Grandparent stuff...

As we have just increased our grandchild population 100% (Leah Abigail, born yesterday) I thought I would post this idea for Christmas for those with children into farm toys.

 The corrals are made of 3/8" solid rod. There are a 6 panels 8" tall and 19" long. There are 5 panels 8" long and 8" tall. The loading chute is 9" long 14" tall and has 5 height settings for different height trucks. The loading chute can be personalized with names, brands and short messages. We use a computerized plasma torch to personalize each set to your needs. The set's weight is 52 lbs. The wheels are wood made with a 2 1/4 hole saw. We wire weld the sets together and paint different colors , mainly almond or red. The portable set that is welded together has latches that are welded in so they connote be lost. We charge $300.00 plus shipping.

    We also make a set of panels that come apart. The 19" panels are $15.00 each. The 8" tall and 8" long are $12.00 each. The loading chute is $125.00 with names and brands. The trailer to haul the panels is $50.00 . So you can get as many as you want . The trailer can hold 12 long 12 short panels and has a hitch on the back to pull the portable chute.

    We also make a 16" half top easy trailer with a center gate. We can put a name in the side of the top and a brand in the front nose cone. We are working on a flat bed pickup that pulls the trailer . It has a grease zerk for a ball and will pickup a wood round bale and will also be able to have a cake box.

    We are making a straight deck cattle trailer with a half gate and funnel gate. We can put names in the front porch light . The back axles slide. We are also making the truck to pull the trailer.

    We have a rodeo arena with roping box that opens with springs and bucking chutes and a return alley. It can also be personalized.  [More]
Of course, you can always just tell people it's for your grandchild...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And good news, I know from watching a friend that the car seats will secure into the buddy seat! No reason not to have the extra help.