Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not the #1 customer...

A wakeup call for 23957 N 2100 St.  Our phone (landline) went out after several days of increasing static on the line.  This was last Tuesday.  It has been our experience Verizon would send out a repair person usually same day, but always within 24 hours.

Not this time. After wading through a 5-6 layer phone tree and agreeing to all the caveats (if it's your wiring it will cost you $18,472 dollars; there better not be a fence; or a dog; etc.) we were informed they might be able to send someone out around a week from Thursday (about 8 days).


Rural America has relied upon government mandated service delivery funded by the other 98% of the customers. Running and maintaining landlines to my house is a horrendously costly expense, I know.  I just didn't think it would happen so fast.

We going to be on our own out here.  I can even see some deal where power companies will supply some type of generators and take us off the grid.  This sounds apocalyptic, I know, but the economics will force the problem eventually.

With few people, government services are hard to justify, especially to affluent (see current corn prices) farms.  Just like the effort to stop sending teensy DCP checks out, relief from utility service mandates have to be a rational step to better use of dwindling public money.

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Anonymous said...

Natural gas companies are taking customers off old leaky lines out here all ready. They usually give you a nice send-off with a new propane tank, full of propane, and conversions.