Friday, April 03, 2009

The plot is everything...

One of my favorite econobloggers is Justin Fox, who recently visited his son's 4th grade class.
Finally, one of the kids asked what my first magazine article was about. I couldn't remember, but now I've found it. And there was a question about whether I'd ever reported on any crimes. Why yes I had, I said, and told them about Sammy Joe Michael Duncan, who escaped from Bibb County Jail in Alabama in 1989 by filing away the mortar between a few bricks in the wall of his cell, knocking out the bricks, stripping naked, slathering himself with toothpaste, and squeezing through the tiny hole in the wall. He was captured a few days later hiding out in a house about two blocks from the jail. They liked that story. [More]
Heck - I like that story*.  I'm getting old enough to treasure stuff like that to tell incredulous grandchildren while driving their parents crazy.

[*I looked for more, but Google let me down]

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