Saturday, July 18, 2009

And now for something completely different...

We are leaving today for a week-long cruise with some close friends.  To help you fill empty hours I have assembled some randomly chosen previous posts I stumbled across.

Out of over 2500 posts in the last 3 years, some were worth revisiting.  I hope those are the ones I picked.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

On a separate note, I'm thinking about adding some co-bloggers.  Several of you add very thoughtful and articulate comments, so I'm hoping you (and you know who you are) would consider using Incoming as your chance to reach a modest audience or just dabble in ag blogging.

You need not agree with me - like that's gonna happen.  You'll find posting is ludicrously easy, but you will need broadband, I think.  And you can post or link on any topic.  I will not edit your work, but may add my 2¢ separately from time to time.  All I ask is for some of the posts to have appeal to farm readers and for you to link to your source material to help us follow your reasoning.  You can post as (in)frequently as you wish, specialize in one topic, or whatever.  We'll just see where it goes.

You can post under a pseudonym or your own name.  I will be happy to add brief bios in the sidebar that respect however much privacy you wish. Those are all the things I can think of right now, so if you have other questions we'll handle them when they arise.  You could also add them as comments to this post.

If you are interested, fire me an email and I'll see about getting you access to the blog.  I hope to hear from you.

As always - thanks for reading.

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