Sunday, July 19, 2009

I would add"game-changing technology"...

Science cliches we could do without.
No more silver bullets, please. Apparently they are really only meant for werewolves, witches and the occasional monster. While we’re at it, magic bullets can go into the black hole as well. They attract too many angry conspiracy theorists. In a Google search, the two together, along with science terms, get you 1.7 million hits. And because Alexis Madrigal hasn’t read his werewolf texts very closely, he occasionally tries to put golden bullets into his stories, so we’ll toss those as well.
A lot of these bullets are aimed at medical targets. The LA Times asks if there’s A magic bullet for pandemic flu?. And I can’t tell if this instance, Scientists to Tackle Illness with ’silver Bullet’, is made better or worse by the fact that the thing being called a silver bullet is actually silver.
Things that are not silver or magic bullets: antioxidants, carbon capture, disk encryption, GM crops, vitamins, and carbon dioxide mosquito traps. At Wired Science, there is no magic or silver bullet for: cancer, the energy crisis, and cloning endangered turtles.
And as long as we’re tossing all the bullets, we might as well send the smoking gun in after them. [More]
Because it's not a game.

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