Thursday, April 24, 2014

It should be illegal...

For people over 65 to have to throw up. As best Jan and I can recollect, it's been at least three decades since such an event.

Not nearly long enough. At least I bailed out on USFR. The timing would have been right during recording Joh's World. Luckily, I fired off a homemade version before I get to feeling really, really bad.

In fact, my statement immediately before the Tragic Event was: "Nobody in the history of the world has ever felt this bad."

Unlike Jan, I don't do "sick" very manfully.

Grandson John and Jan both had this stomach flu, but I decided I was invulnerable. I did bounce across new tile lines to level them out this morning. I know we'll regret it later as the trenches collapse, but spring installation doesn't give you many options.

Right now, I have to be frank - I am unsure of recovery. I'm not whining, just being realistic.

The first commenter with kind words gets my power tool collection after my expiration.

Be sure to watch what will likely be my last commentary and mailbag on this week's show. And in case of a miracle, I will be Mike Adam's Agritalk tomorrow morning, probably reading selections from Poe and Dante's Inferno.

Hey - nobody said you HAVE to be brave just because you're a mature male.

Or is that an oxymoron?


Anonymous said...

I am older than you, and have not thrown up since a teenager. But in my 20's I had a stomach problem. My wife started to take me to the ER, but 1/2 way there I told her to take me home. The next day, same thing, but she got me there and the doctors removed my appendice. Hope you only have a bug!

Karl M. Hess said...

I agree, but did it once about 6 months ago. It was like I thought I was so sick I would die, then I realized that I was that sick I was NOT going to die. Maybe an ice cream sandwich with the grandchildren would solve the problem!!

Anonymous said...

Tried it once, didn't care for it much.

Tom Toohill said...

Hope you get to feeling better John! Hang in There! (Do I get the tools?)