Thursday, December 07, 2006

Walk this way...

(If I could walk that way...Ba-dum-bump) You spot someone at the far end of the field getting out of a car. You can barely see them, but as they walk along the road, you realize it is a woman.

How do you make this determination? It turns out it could be hardwired deeper in our brain that we thought.
Imagine someone walking along at night strung with white Christmas tree lights. Even though you couldn't see a face or even clothing, you'd probably be able to tell if the person was male or female, young or old, just from the patterns made by the lights as they moved. Queen's University psychology professor Niko Troje thinks there's a lot more information encrypted in such "biological motion" and that it can be reliably teased out using sophisticated computer analysis. [More]

Take the test to see how many walkers you can identify. [My score was 93/143.]


Anonymous said...

I only got 47. The side views were the hardest.

Anonymous said...

go a 92-143