Friday, April 06, 2007

Another reason I still do the turning...

Our now-beloved GPS systems are affected by weather - space weather.
"Our increasingly technologically dependent society is becoming increasingly vulnerable to space weather," David L. Johnson, director of the National Weather Service, said at a briefing.

GPS receivers have become widely used in recent years, using satellite signals in navigating airplanes, ships and automobiles, and in using cell phones, mining, surveying and many other commercial uses. [More]

As we grope our way to fully-automated farm guidance systems, we may need cosmic weather forecasters. That's right - even spacier weatherpersons. And radar maps from Venus.

On the upside, we can now blame crooked rows on solar flares.


camel cowboy said...

like me you are too cheap and cannot justify the technology jump in gadgets needed--the challenge of planting with a "system" is like the b-52 pilot!!!!!!

Happy Easter!

camel cowboy said...
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