Sunday, April 08, 2007

Good study of ancient history...

The ERS has published an analysis of farms going out of business. Some of their conclusions:

Farming, like other businesses, exhibits high turnover, with many thousands of existing farms going out of business each year.

As in other industries, new farm businesses enter at a high rate and new entrants subsequently exit at high rates, irrespective of the size of the farm or the age of the operator.
Exit rates fall as businesses age to 5-9 years old, and then fall again, although modestly, for more experienced farm businesses. Experience seems to provide an important advantage to well-established businesses that can learn quickly and efficiently.

While the report is thoughtful and thorough, note the dates of the data: 1992-1997. Which is so typical of USDA work.


Do these conclusions apply today? Stay tuned, they will tell us in just 15 years or so.

Driving by looking in rear-view mirror is bad enough, but using old videotapes of the rear-view mirror is ludicrous.

[via Farmgate]


Melissa Seaver said...

Family farms are going out not because of their mangement ability
but because of the conspiratory
inside the agency"the USDA"
They people of THE AGENCY & THE
DOJ get bonuses to take our farms
away this is contrary to the
misson statement of the USDA.

Across this great land family
farmers are loosing land through
no fault of their own that has been in their families some
for 5 or 6 generations some longer.

2/15/2007 even with a chapter 12
bankruptcy open in the courts
knew that Melissa seaver was home
alone, with her 3 year ols grandson Ty the Marshall's along with the Scott County In Sherriff's
Dept came through her door with
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anyone keeping the child in the house with the door open and a fridgid 14 degrees that mourning
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outdoors and putting her into a car
with no heat holding her coat outside
the auto.
They also turned off the heat killing two of her son's 4-H project pigs that were iside because of the cold temperatures the third pig was frostbit this was
supposed to be JD's last(10th) year
in 4-H.
For Young Ty the nightmares of the TRauma of that event has not yet
subsided, He has been diagnosed
with Stress Regression Disorder

So from the oldest to the youngest
family memebers they don't care
how they remove you from your farm
just as long as you go they can spit in your face scream at you trying to provoke you into doing
something wrong all the while
stating they don't want your personal belongongs...thye are using the babies bathetub to gather
your family heirlooms and threathen
to desrtoy your property if you don't tell them what they want to hear.
Besides ourselves we have heard of other horror stories across the
country and have spoken with them
and cross reverenced the same things has happened to other farmers all across the country.

Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, Texas,
If these farmers aren't given a moratoriam and alowed to keep their land "GOD HELP US ALL"
when thier isn't any family farms to take then it may be your home or's already happening

The Sevaer's and their small grandson arent' alone and now
the farmers have found one another
and their isn't a statute of limitaton on FRAUD so seek help
if you need to.

Melissa Seaver is a 6th great-granddaughter to GEORGE MASON IV
the father of "THE BILL OF RIGHTS"
he refused to sign the "US CONSTITUTION" until the "BILL of RIGHTS" were added. Where is the rights of the farmers.

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Anonymous said...

what happened to the Grandson?
How can you reach them the number dosent work.

LandRightsNFArming said...

new contact number for melissa seaver is (812)752-6611. The grandson is now 7 years old, and is doing better, than he was, he does still get frightened of men in uniforms. We are still fighting for our land back and have not given up any rights to the land.

Meliss has went to Washington,D.C. to get help in retrieving the land that was stolen and help for the boy, and we are hopeful to go home before, Jerry's dies as he wants to be there at the end.

Melissa is now blogging, and doing interviews. She can be reached at
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