Monday, April 02, 2007

Big news, big news cycle...

The crop report made all the papers. And I mean all of 'em.

I wonder if that kind of publicity is all that good for us? It sure wasn't Friday.

But on the other hand, a few more ethanol plants may get built now, and livestock feeders have a purchasing window.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you American Farmer!With the price increase in corn the American
farmer is out to out produce himself again.Shooting himself in the foot.Do you see the oilcompanies building new refineries with their huge profits to get us more gas & diesel so the price comes down? They laugh all the way to the bank at the consumer.But the farmer with his instilled work ethic works harder to supply more but gets rewarded by lower prices.When will farmers wake
up and work a little less and get paid a lot more? We need corn but how much $2 corn can you raise with
inputs steadily rising? Will inputs
decrease as corn prices do from your hard work? Aren't you tired of
working for minimun wage or less? How about working 2 jobs so you can
afford to farm? The American farmer
can be as smart as the oil indusrty
or he can be as set in his ways as concrete.$4 corn or $2 corn.Which do you chose? Everyone sees only the near future and wants to get rich quick.Let's keep an ample supply but no outrageous surplus so
everyone else makes good money but
the farmer.The future is in your decision making.Work hard or work smarter!

John Phipps said...

Your remarks are similar to many I have seen on our comment forum, as well as others. It seems your anger (which is what I read) at our collective cupidity is a common emotion after the crop report.

I see it another way, and will post later with a different perspective.

Thanks for your input.